How to Make Your Trade Show Display Interactive

The future of trade show displays is in interactivity. In terms of severe competitions at exhibitions every potential client is a win, and you just can’t let attendees pass by your booth and go to competitors. You have to be more creative and think of ways how to make your presentation more engrossing and engaging. Interactive technologies at your booth and other means that are able to involve visitors into interacting with your display are able to fulfill this task. Doing so not only you attract more visitors but also you can collect valuable data from them that you can use for your further promotional and marketing activities. So what can you do to make your trade show display interactive?

interactive display

  1. Use modern interactive technology

Nothing attracts and fascinates people more than new experience. At such a traditional venue as a trade show people are used to the same displays with the same methods to bring in more visitors. But what if you give them something new it can become a breath of fresh air for those, who are bored to browse through dull displays. Introduce some interesting technology to people and you will get a crown to whom you can promote your business. A list of such interactive technology includes: touch screen devices, iPad kiosks, branded mobile apps, live social media feeds and video, drones…. and you can always come up with something new that represents your field of business. For example, for fitness companies you can offer visitors to weight themselves using electronic scale that would also calculate % of water, fat and muscle tissue in a body, and, based on this data a computer would suggest diet and work out program. Whatever you choose, it must be associated with your brand.

  1. People like photographs – use their passion for your benefits

Having a photobooth at your pitch or even a small photo studio can really break the ice between your audience and you. Taking pictures is so much fun, and you want your visitors to remember that they had great time at your display. Photo booth strips must have you logo incorporated, or if you decide to have a small photo zone it should have elements of your branding. Visitors can get printed photos, or, what is even better, they can download them through your site or sharing services. Such means can especially be effective for companies from multimedia industries, beauty and hair salons, fashion industry, especially if you can demonstrate pictures ‘before’ and then ‘after’.

  1. Involve social media

You can evolve the idea with photographs into something bigger, using social networks. For example, you can take pics of your attendees on the background of your logo, post them on a Facebook and tag these people, so that all of their friends will see your logo. Or you can organize a hashtag contest. Suggest your visitors to post a selfie with your branded image, or a funny and witty picture with a hashtag associated with your company, offer a prize, and attendees will work for you, promoting your company in social media, inviting more people to come and take part in this contest.

Interactive booth

  1. Presentations

Presentations at trade shows will never go out of fashion. But if everybody does it, how can you standout? The answer varies from one industry to another, but the main aspect is to keep your visitors interested. You can implement it in a form or comics or magician performers who would interact with the crowd, for example, by involving random people into their performance. Or if you have right friends in the right places or a good budget, you can even invite a celebrity at your booth. If this option is not available for you, you can organize some master classes, tastings, and trainings – everything that allows introducing your product to people and let them try and test it out. After such presentations you can give offer discount cards or coupons for those who attended your presentation.

  1. Swag and giveaways

It is hard to surprise anyone at a trade show with giveaways but it doesn’t mean your company should refuse from them, because giveaways is something that make people bring your logo home. You just must keep two simple principles when thinking of what giveaways to hand out: 1) they must be useful; 2) people must be interested in keeping them. Examples of felicitous giveaways can be photo frames, phone chargers or cases, reusable water containers, thermoses. How else can you convince people to keep your giveaway? For instance you can organize a drawing of a price and a condition to getting it is coming and demonstrating a giveaway a person had received earlier. This makes people be interested in keeping giveaways, plus if this giveaway is something like a t-shirt you can obligate people wearing them at a show so that they become walking promotional media. Also you can use your sway in guerrilla marketing to enhance the effect. Convince or tip service personnel of an expo center, bar tenders, taxi drivers, etc. to wear your branded t-shirts or caps.

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