Using Interactive Technology at Trade Shows

Creating interactive trade show display area which is unique and attention grabbing is becoming difficult as years go by due to the advancing technology. Almost all companies are using unusual and highly advanced techniques to draw customers and visitors into their trade show kiosks. For trade shows, every company invests a big amount of money towards getting the latest trends every year. In recent past this interactive trade show displays have gained popularity due to a few advantages it has as discussed below.


Interactive display like the computer screen or the touchscreen of a phone, tablet or an ipad display stands an ipad kiosks catches the viewers’ attention and pulls them closer for more demonstration or an opportunity to test the device and have an experience with it. Because interactive technology at trade shows has so many enticing and interesting activities, they make the visitors to retain the message for long duration of time. The experience they get while interacting with the gadgets which are displayed in the trade show kiosks lasts longer in their minds making them become future customers.

The reasoning behind it all is that a potential customer can get interested with a certain product after explanation about how it can make his or her life easier. The demos in the shows can also appeal to the sense of the visitors allowing them to touch a material, have a smell of your product aroma and hear or have a way to compare it with a competitor product. With each layer, trade shows display areas can clarify and give you the benefits or perhaps the advantages of your product or service.

The advancement in the technology of the electronics that are being made to day makes it easier to combine trade show displays with the traditional banner stands with highly interactive media. Clients who are in attendance and prospective future customers can be able to take quizzes, go through quizzes and observe how products work suing the ipad kiosks located within the trade show display area. Use of computer screens which are programmed to respond to touch is the common technology that is being used. When its touchscreen monitors senses individuals it immediately responds by playing a demo video clip.

Finally, it is important to mention that most interactive trade show displays uses personalized stories to attract customer stories their stands. A personalized story is braked up into parts with each part playing a specific role in the area of your display. Self-paced stories enhanced with sensory notes around the displays attract the attendee experience tying them closely to your products or services.

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